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Our protagonist is a guy like any other normal guy. Lives a peaceful and uncomplicated life. That uncomplicated life turns into a rather complicated one when he receives a letter from a mafioso, who tell our unfortunate protagonist that due to his parents past, he is now under a mafia contract. He is to serve for a mafia family, but not just any mafia family. The DeLuca family. One of the most dangerous and infamous criminal organization in the country.

Follow the journey of our protagonist in which he tries to gain the trust of the DeLuca family, befriending the two daughters of the family. Befriending the wife of the capo bastone. Doing the inhumane acts of killing just to rise through the ranks to be respected among the other soldiers. All the while he tries to find a way to break the contract and be free of the mafia family. Or perhaps he will end up turning into the greatest mafiosos of this generation?


- Free Roaming (Clicking between rooms)
- Inventory system
- Quest system
- Mission Contracts 
- An Engrossing story 
- Dating simulator

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreInteractive Fiction, Action, Visual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags3D, Adult, Comedy, Ren'Py, Romance, Singleplayer, Strategy RPG
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesGerman, English
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Does this game also gets a full release on steam with achievements?


A super game, but again, wimp MC. I dont need to say why, u guys know. 

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its just starting off slow but he's starting to slowly grow some balls. 

does this game run on joiplay?

Hope someone can enlighten me on the music that starts on the mission "I Don't Smoke" where MC says: "So, what's your plan?..." 

I've played this game a year ago and really enjoyed it but soon realized it was abandoned, just now though I've realized there was a new release 57 days ago as of this post. the one before that was April 24 2021. I ask HopesGaming to please reply to me and let everyone know if you plan on updating this game to become something great or are you going to release one update every year? it would be a shame to leave a game unfinished for so long. I care for your work, If I didn't then I wouldn't be asking for more. have a great day.


look at their patreon, they have 627 patrons so they definitely havent abandoned the game for sure xD and they posted on august 19th so theres that aswell

HopesGaming is creating The DeLuca Family | Patreon heres their patreon if you didnt know about it before

Dude its not abandoned

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Has anyone been able to play this with joiplay?

can you make the game donwloadable in the app

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great looking game and story only bad thing is the work/contracts screen bad to use i think

First and foremost I have to start this with applauds for the work put into this VN.  I’m absolutely loving the story and the interactions.  I’ve been playing for hours straight and have only taken a break because I ran into an error.

I seemed to have encountered a bug after finishing Isa's current content.  For some reason Luna and Gracie are no longer in their rooms during the day in free roam.  At the very start of the day their "chibis" are shown in the living room but Gracie is actual in the bathroom and Luna is nowhere to be found (she doesn't appear till her schedule time in the living room, third period I believe).  This is breaking the “I am Luna” plot since you can’t speak with her in her room anymore.  Did you and your guys happen to run into this issue?  

I'm seeing the same thing right now

did you find a fix?


Got a brand new computer part way through my play through of 0.08.3 and am now debating redownloading it despite knowing all my progress will be lost.

Just finished up to where the game currently ends.  I'm very pleased with the story and the mechanics of the game.  You've got a hell of a start to something fantastic here.  I look forward to updates.


i take it there no patreon since this seems like a side project. awesome one but a side thing.

Deleted 8 days ago

start a new game, its a bug happends if you use older save. worked with start new for me got the option to ask about the contract with uncle.

Deleted 45 days ago

Hi I'm trying to get on to mission 5 but I cant figure out how to complete promotion soldato can anyone help me ?

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At Wilfred choose work, then events. That is if you have enough experience. If not, do contracts


thank you I already did all them things but mine is actually bugged there was no event for me 


I don't mean to sound indecent here, but will I ever get to have a romantic with Lady Cordia? She's my favorite, and if I could be with her, I couldn't put into words how happy that would make me.


I know that feel.


Thanks bro

So question is there an easy way to make money or a cheat?

I have got the newest release and one of the new events required 3k I paid the 1k and then was told to buy 2k worth off stuff on the laptop think I dropped to about $350. Like really the most I can get from a mission is about 180 I think it was might of been 160 give or take. Do I really need to spam the same shit reward missions over and over just to continue with the new content? 

Very shitty if that is the case and quite annoying.


true. Making money was ez in the earlier versions, now tho its kind o a hastle

I respect the story. Takes a lot of guts to write an ero-Godfather game.

I'm up for it. But I'm hoping the game is completed before I really get deep in it. I wanna play to the end of the story. I'm still in the beginning tho.

Its most likely not going to be finished quickly... I have been on board this game for almost 2 years. There have been no real story progress.. The game has been reworked a couple of times for what it is though. It has become much smoother. But again story progress has been halted.

Oh... Okay, well I got plenty of games to play on Aug thru the end of Oct. So I can wait. No rush. But I'm gonna stick with funny, suspenseful or exciting games here on itch as well. Like this one.

Are there any sex scenes in this game or we never get to that part?

Well, I saw a HJ and BJ so far, and the relationships are still progressing. 

meh, any idea how to get my 0.072 saves working with this one? I like the game, but I'm not going to play it all over again,,,

Is "the Magic Touch" fully impelemented yet? Because I spend many days and I haven't gotten the recording yet. Are there maybe any more (hidden) requirements?

It is, you have to wait 3 days in game to listen to the records, just sleep 3 times and you will be able to open them

I think I already waited over a week... but I'll check again.

Be sure to look at the journal, you can see what is required to progress and when you need to go see the characters too, it really helps when you're struggling with some events

I watched recording 4, waited 3 days, watched recording 5, waited 3 days and talked to her. Same loop minus waiting 3 days to talk to her. watched 5 waited 3 days, watched 5 waited 3 days and talked to her. same loop minus last 3 days and talked to her. Nothing seems to be working. All the journal says all I need is Friends of a friend are my friends? I'm at a loss of what to do. She's always lying there reading books in the afternoon.

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I have 2., 4., 5. and 6. Recording.

Interesting. I rewatched the 6. recording again after loading the save today, and immediately got the 7. recording.
Just to be clear, I wachted all recordings I had almost every (or every second) day.
Maybe the trigger was bugged and got 'reloaded' again with loading the save.

Though, I have no further progress, I shall wait a couple ingame-days to see if it works now, since I got the 7th now.

So, sleept through ~3 days and rewatched all recordings. After listening to the 7th again, the quest got triggered.
I think I can confirm now, that this quest is bugged.

When is The DeLuca Family Android coming


Note to everyone.
New version is out (0.08)
Which means the old links are dead. In a few days, when the 0.08 version goes public, I would upload the game on here again with the new version of the game. 
Sorry for the inconveniences!


Will the contract mission also be fixed with this new update?

Can you let us know when you've uploaded the new version please? I was going to try this game out but yeah.. links are broken.

Hey when are there going to be more contract mission as well as a new rank because i completed everything so far im in love with game also another question if everyone hates you will you be able to finish the story as well as the side missions and also when will you make more luna, Cordia, or even Isabel just completed all the new gracie missions and new luna mission as well as 100% contracts. is there an estimate?


Seems it's not saying anything new, but just wanted to say the link is currently busted. Hope it's fixed soon, I've had my eye on this one for a couple of months now :D



yeah because its updated now with a new link


Anybody know how to get promoted to Soldado Level 5.  I have completed 100% of the previous D Level missions and have am Level 4 (133.33%).  When I click on Wilfred he only gives me the 5 D Level jobs.  Not sure what I am supposed to do.


same here did u find any solutions

You talk to Wilfred and say you wanna do work, but you don´t go to the missions, instead klick on events. Cause the Promotion is an event.

i cant cause am stuck at level 4 and i cant level up so it doesnt show up the promotion even

I have tried that.  There are no events listed.  Iwas told there is an error somewhere in the program.

I did that and click Promotions and it was empty.

Hello, I'm having trouble completing 2 of the 5 D level assignments. I completed Nimble Fingers and The Delivery Boy. I'm having trouble completing The Snooping Bongs which I explored 67%, The Bonnazrzo meeting I have explored 60 % and The Painter I explored 80%. How do I finish exploring the 3 remaining D-level missions?

Just give it some time, im sure the game will be available again shortly. Game is surely worth the wait. 

how do i get this game? all the link i have found even the ones i paid for are dead ends.

is there a way to get this game now,i paid $5 for a dead link too. Don't care  about the $5 just want the game i heard it is good.

look for dikgames for links

MEGA says the file has been removed. Paid $5 for a dead link.

Is this SFW or NSFW


Ok thx

Is there a working download link. All links that go to MEGA from here or Patreon say the content is no longer available.

anything- i even donated through Patreon but keep getting the message that download was removed by user


What is the update status?

Can we please get an android version 

Sorry for the issue but I am unable to equip any kind of clothes or weapon since Last update for Android version will you please kindly check this bug and fix it 🙂🙂

There isn't an official android version, so yeah, it's fan made ported, and as for now every version tried is broken. 

the painter mission can i get some help on how to do it and get the vest

Hello i am stuck at level 4,when i go to (j) it keep saying recruitment doesn't met how to get promoted as Soldato,after even completing all stats i can't see promotion in event section

Is there a way to still download the game through the launcher because I have the "hosted on an incompatible 3rd party website".

go online to the itch website. copy the link before you head to your browser to make it easier. download from browser and it will take you to the download without any errors


When should we hear about an update?

Soon I guess. They are done with the renders and coding.

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