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Our protagonist is a guy like any other normal guy. Lives a peaceful and uncomplicated life. That uncomplicated life turns into a rather complicated one when he receives a letter from a mafioso, who tell our unfortunate protagonist that due to his parents past, he is now under a mafia contract. He is to serve for a mafia family, but not just any mafia family. The DeLuca family. One of the most dangerous and infamous criminal organization in the country.

Follow the journey of our protagonist in which he tries to gain the trust of the DeLuca family, befriending the two daughters of the family. Befriending the wife of the capo bastone. Doing the inhumane acts of killing just to rise through the ranks to be respected among the other soldiers. All the while he tries to find a way to break the contract and be free of the mafia family. Or perhaps he will end up turning into the greatest mafiosos of this generation?


- Free Roaming (Clicking between rooms)
- Inventory system
- Quest system
- Mission Contracts 
- An Engrossing story 
- Dating simulator

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(544 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Action, Visual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags3D, Adult, Comedy, Ren'Py, Romance, Singleplayer, Strategy RPG
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesGerman, English
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Removed link

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download link removed for pc

is this one girl kinda story or an harem?

Download link for mac has been removed

I have a question, and I hope that someone can answer it. I purchased this game on June 18, 2022.  Do  I have to repurchase it on Stream?

Yes, you must repurchase for different platforms

How to earn money in android 

Can you upload it on Mediafire, Gofile or Pixeldrian too? ( p′︵‵。) Mega has download limits.


Download for Windows isnt available


Can't download the file for some reason


Was going through my brothers steam nsfw games and ran across one named The Assistant. And the game splash screen showed a redhead that looked familiar. The other day i played this game and figured out why she was famailiar. Its luna with red hair.... Not sure if you can do anything about it. but i figured id let you know. Love the game. been playing it for a very long time now.


Nice job, Mr. wizard.  You successfully learned Daz3D assets are actually shared.




If the dev abandoned itch then can somebody tell me what site hes currently on?


F95zone has the update of this game


Why did the dev abandon itch?


Because of Itch themselves if I understood correctly. The billing process has been changed and it's violating the privacy of the creators. Most NSFW creators have fled by now, many other games are in the same situation.

Maybe once Itch will realize how much they also have lost in the process, they'll change their minds, but it might be too late for the creators to come back.


I been seeing this, with a lot of games. You happen to know of an alternative site, where devs are gathering? Or if there isn't one, it would probably be smart for a few of them to get together, and start a site themselves.

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I think F95 seems to be one of the more popular alternatives to itch. And for this game its updated there.


does this game have an ending of any sort? so many visual novel never reach their ending – that's the unfortunate part about this patreon model of development.

on other site  have 9.5 update propably the dev abandon this site 

It's kinda strange though.

We have public 0.8.3 here, on patreon there are 0.9.6 payed but only 0.7.2 public. That's a bit inconsistant.

Though, the question would be, if/when a 0.9 update will be released here, or if it truely is abandoned.

To compare this: 0.8.3 was released in June 2022 here, and January 2022 for patreons.

With 0.9.0 being released for patreons in January 2023, we could assume that we might get 0.9.0 on itch within june, or an updated release later this year. But if there is no update coming in 2023, then I'd assume it is really abandoned here.

where is the 9.5 update?

 i don't remember the site  i found  on google searce

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its a feature not a bug.. endless income with minimal content creation

I have 2 questions about this game:

I've been waiting for more than 2 weeks for luna to come and ask for a date, but she still didn't. What do i do?

I am still rank 4, but it doesn't advance no matter how many contracts i do. Why?


For some reason there is a max level with each installment and most of the contracts give very low money for a lot of game requirements. which means an annoying cycle of (wake up, do 3-4 contracts, go to sleep) and repeat for several days until you get enough money.

So Yeah, the structure is very weird for episodes based game. I played the main story only and some side missions (the ones required for the main story). The grinding is tedious, the game is so inconsistent with it's visual representation and art direction, some of the scenes are good, others not so much. i'll wait for the game to come in visual novel form and give it another try, hopefully they will iron out most of the problems.


When is the next update coming?

There hasn't been an update here in about 10 months....prolly safe to assume it's not getting any more updates on Itch. He is still fairly active on his pateron https://www.patreon.com/HopesGaming

so the dev's abandon this site ? 


They seem to have yes. 10 months of nothing is a long time.


The last update was 14 months after the one before, so…

on other site  update 9.5 few dates  ago 


Yea, it's a long time, but it took them already 6 months  to get from 8.3 to 9 on patreon, and 9.6. was just uploaded in May
So either it is abandoned here, or the public release will just be "around the corner".
9.5 is uploaded on several different sites, but it's the question if it's uploaded by HopesGaming or someone else, as well as if you trust those other sites to download it from or not.

It would be easier to know if it's abandoned if we could get infos from HopesGaming themselves or is a patreon could share information from the lastest news about Releases, which was posted on patreon in April.

I really loved this game, but PC was in a fire and joiplay doesn't run this for Android 😢


There is an update for the game on dikgames if anyone is interested.


What is it?  More 'fixes' and translations?  Hit me up when it is actually updated.

I didn't check but it's a version upgrade. 


There was no changelog posted anywhere.  That alone is pretty telling.

It brought the main story to what seems to be a stopping point for a new chapter or a second act


That's fantastic.  Now we get to wait year after year for more 5 minute updates while the cash cows all get milked to death.  Good job dev.

Deleted 238 days ago

no shit sherlock its a fucking piracy website XD

is it tho?


is it a website ackowlegded by the creator of the game as an official place to look for updates?  if no then its a piracy website. if yes, its still a piracy website because there are games on there the the creator never gave permission to be posted.

what'd you mean it was "full of viruses"?

(1 edit)

It's full of bullsh*t web pages that say you have a virus and want to scam you out of money to call support...  I would say avoid such sites as they are all crap.


Neurodivergent gfs.

anyone know if there is gonna be an update to the game this year?

any chance for android version


There are plenty of ports plus there is also JoiPlay.

Official port to post here


What difference would it make if it were official or not?

post any one on itch it makes it convinent


Various adult game sites have Android ports of this game. You can also get it from F95zone.


An official port is certain to have no tampering, like viruses, trojans, miners, or spyware. 

An official port does not make the compatibility of the game reliant on third-party software the author has no control over.

A proper port also adresses the issue of a PC-scaled interface on a phone screen, unlike Joiplay.

Then of course, convenience and capsulation. Installing an APK beats having to organize a bunch of game files and messing with an emulator.

Deleted 1 year ago

You realize that some devs use third parties to make their Android port, right?

Not compatible


Been awhile since the last updated but imma be real i prefer quality over quantity any day


THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is a person of culture. What a lad 👏🏻


The quality is remaining same it's quantity decreasing over time with more time in every release taken,what's benifit of it? It's not like writter is doing something extraordinary and making it a 3d avn with vr compatibility.


I think that Maal's comment infers to other areas than this avn. In my opinion, it is a fruitful view in life. But you are 100% right about your statement, if the quantity is decreasing, and the quality is stagnated, than there is a problem indeed.


I've finished all of the story content and everything in the event log... I'm really enjoying this game so far. Any ETA for the next release?

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their updates take a while, could be mid next year


Trash for virgins and incels who enjoy an occassional boob shot but never actually get to do anything with them.


That's what exactly written in preview,it isn't focused on sex part but story,and it has fucking best story with humor,and best way to pull it off almost everything is perfect,it isn't for faping,but for a change of scenario more story ruch avn,i loved it,if you hoped for some cheap porn,i can understand your disappointment but that wasn't even purpose of this avn.


As far as adult games go, this is worthless garbage.

Almost 5 years for this?

That's not even considering the chronic milking and scamming of the Patrons done by the dev.


wait, WTF? And here i was thinking he is nice dev who put on good efforts to create something good,but if he's working on this for 5 fucking years,then for sure this dev is a motherfucker milker,taking on the money of his naive patreons,feels sad for them.


Yep.  This was started in mid 2018 and it is no closer to being done than the day it was started over 4.5 years ago.  I suspect frequently releasing nothing but translations or rewrites every 6 months has a lot to do with that.

There has been a chronic lack of lewd content for the whole duration.  I get that may not be the focus, but people have been long asking for content related to the daughters and the dev flat out refuses to listen, which is a dick move considering as long as they've been asking.

Me personally, IDC.  The last time I tried to play the game it was so full of bugs it barely run and with the hands off approach the dev prefers it took several months to address the fixes.  This game is 100% dead to me.

Deleted 1 year ago

Sad I'd been playing on mobile APK then joiplay now can't run the game anymore but can older versions

Just download from any other site or purchase it from steam.

it doesn't work any more on joi play because joiplay doesn't handle cetrain renders and the game is to big for an APK. And why would I buy on steam if I have no PC???

This isn't on Steam

apk vr?


Stop using unsupported download sites

Here are Itchio's compatibility guides:  



Please use a supported method, so updates can be downloaded directly through the app.


game looks interesting, i just wanna know at this point if there are some sex scenes or it will happen down the line, thx u & good luck for this project


any news on when the next release will be


I would like to know too! I very much like the story thus far and can't wait to see more!

Well 0.0.9 was posted about on the Patreon 6 days ago.

how do you get promoted to soldato? I finished all the contracts 100% but there are no events and it seems to be bugging out having characters shown in rooms they are not in. suggestions?

Deleted 1 year ago

Are u kidding me? This mc is like close to Greek god or mythological hero and some says he is wimp,he isn't even close to a bit looser and u say wimp?this guy has more balls than greatest alpha male or a king whatsoever,this guy is forced under some contract to work as gang member but still doing nothing enjoying life so far,seducing their daughter and even fucking with the wife of his boss son,could you believe this? He is been trying to infiltrate and find a way out of this rather than accepting his fate,it was shown later that he hides his true potential and acts as looser to gain advantage,he is literal example of brain over show off,he is in fact manipulating everyone around him,and this all make sense when every gangster in this avn seems like some sort of superhuman,like faster than bullet,bullet proof body,mind sharper than ai, precision as a laser,and power that concede over even powerful govt,as far i know many great Chad's,alphas will piss in their pant in this mc position

Is there a way to download other than through Mega?



ima need that android download 👀👀👀👀

meh, good game but apparent lack of support is a real letdown.  

Does this game also gets a full release on steam with achievements?


A super game, but again, wimp MC. I dont need to say why, u guys know. 

(1 edit) (+2)(-1)

its just starting off slow but he's starting to slowly grow some balls. 



does this game run on joiplay?

Hope someone can enlighten me on the music that starts on the mission "I Don't Smoke" where MC says: "So, what's your plan?..." 


I've played this game a year ago and really enjoyed it but soon realized it was abandoned, just now though I've realized there was a new release 57 days ago as of this post. the one before that was April 24 2021. I ask HopesGaming to please reply to me and let everyone know if you plan on updating this game to become something great or are you going to release one update every year? it would be a shame to leave a game unfinished for so long. I care for your work, If I didn't then I wouldn't be asking for more. have a great day.


look at their patreon, they have 627 patrons so they definitely havent abandoned the game for sure xD and they posted on august 19th so theres that aswell


HopesGaming is creating The DeLuca Family | Patreon heres their patreon if you didnt know about it before


Dude its not abandoned

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