The DeLuca Family 0.04.1



- Gracie new info picture (Gracie love point 8)

- All sprites rendered and some redone

- Bug and typos fix (Thanks to all the people at discord who take their time to point these   typos/bugs out and even show corrections)

- UI and menu changes (special thanks to Bloo)

- 6 Filler recordings for Cordia's Office. 

- Skip button at the top added (same functions as the laptop "relax" option)

- 2 short repeatable Gracie scenes (kiss goodnight)

- 3 short repeatable Luna scenes (Hug & kiss forehead)   To reach the second/third stage you need to have high enough love point and reached far   enough with their storylines. These are short so are called scenes instead of events. More   stages and longer scenes will be added as the progress with the girl's progress. 

- French translation updated for 0.04.

- German translation updated for 0.04 .

- Italian translation updated for 0.04 .

- Spanish translation added. 0.04  

-  2 new Gracie Quests

- Gracie getting new friends events

- 1 one new Gracie dance event

- 1 new story section

- New Family Introduction (The Kaskar)

- New Soldier introduction and event

- 11 new soundtrack

- Three new animations

- Typos fix 


The DeLuca Family 0.4.1 (PC)
Apr 07, 2019
The DeLuca Family 0.4.1 (Mac)
Apr 07, 2019

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